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Beyond Critical is a sci-fi versus game where players use unique abilities to battle for control over a super massive black hole.

In this game, exploding is the goal, not the end. Players in combat will choose to either grow until they explode or to sacrifice their mass for kinetic projectiles. Players must bend space-time itself in order to win in this unique and chaotic brawler!


Players will battle for control over a super massive black hole. The goal is to stay on the central black hole to collect mass from it while strategically denying opponents access to it. Players must keep opponents at a distance just long enough to reach critical mass and explode, scoring a point for their team. Players have to be careful while in combat, as firing kinetic projectiles sacrifices large quantities of mass in return for larger projectiles. Reaching critical mass is the only way to score, so players should keep an eye out for micro-black holes that will give them a quick boost. The player or team with the most points at the end of the match is declared the winner.

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